Quality Assurance Plan:

The primary objective of the ICS, Inc.'s Quality Assurance Plan to ensure that all delivered products and services meet and/or exceed the expectation of our customers. We encourage our customers to provide periodic feedback to allow us to continually improve our processes and personnel skills.

The ICS, Inc.'s Quality Assurance Plan is based on:

  • Planning Each Task Orders with measurable performances
  • Employing Earned Value Measures (EVM) when possible
  • Staffing each Task with the Right Qualifications
  • Assuring Identification of Responsibilities on Each task
  • Hiring and Retaining Top Quality Personnel
  • Conducting periodic Review of Progress on Each Task
  • Controlling Quality, Cost and Schedule Problems in time
  • Leveraging Experience for other Tasks and Contracts
  • Collecting Customer Feedback and Lessons Learned
  • Continually Improving Processes and Techniques
  • Encouraging Technology Awareness during Task Planning and Performance
  • Maintaining Objective Communication on Each Task
  • Avoiding Organizational Conflict of Interest Early on
  • Maintaing Quality Control over all Processes and Products