Past Contracts and Projects:

IRS-PRIME Subcontract No. SC-04-129, Northrop Grumman Information Technology, Inc. (NGIT), CSC Subcontract No. S800654

GSA Contract GS 35F-0390N (SIN 132-51) United States General Services Administration, Multiple Award Schedule, IT Professional Services (including Systems Engineering, System Administration, and Technical Management).

Subcontract No. S2080 under Swales Aerospace Contract No. NAS5-01090 (MSES) for providing Systems Engineering support to the NASA/GSFC Landsat Data Continuity Mission (LDCM) Ground Data Systems and Operations Project:

Subcontract No. 2207-03-011 under Science Systems and Applications, Inc. (SSAI) Contract No. NAS5-02041 for providing IT System Administration Support Services to the NASA/GSFC Code 920 Laboratory of Terrestraial Physics Computing Facility (LTPCF).
Subcontract No. 99-MEDS-009 MODIS Data Processing System (MODAPS) System Engineering, Test and Operations Support - QSS Group, Inc., Prime Contract No. NAS5-99124.

Subcontract No. 99-MEDS-009 Code 920 LTPCF System Administration Support -, QSS Group, Inc., Contract No. NAS5-99124.

MODIS Emergency Back-up System (MEBS) Systems Engineering and Test Support - Independent Consultant, SGT, Inc.

Subcontract No. 97-0350 NPOESS Transition Study Support with QSS Group, Inc., NASA/GSFC Contract No. NAS5-32595.